Discover The WIDE AWAKE Book Series

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#1:  Wide Awake. Every Day. Daily Inspiration for Conscious Living
by Starla J. King

Wide Awake. Every Day. book cover

Wide Awake. Every Day. offers 365 short readings that will turn your awareness into a loyal and creative friend, every day of the year. Each page serves up a delectable vignette from the author's keen and loving observations. Gentle, do-able action steps end each reading and bring the day's inspiration into enlightening focus. Summary quotes are at hand with on-the-go food for thought. King's remarkable insights are informed by secular and spiritual practices, both Eastern and Western, making her ideas resonate with readers from all walks of life. Religious? No. Spiritual? Yes. You'll find yourself here - in a whole new way.



#2:  Wide Awake. Every Week. 52 Voices ~ 365 Aha! Moments,
compiled by Starla J. King & Roslyn A. Nelson

Wide Awake. Every Week. cover

Wide Awake. Every Week. is a dazzling collection of 365 Aha! moments offered by 52 people from all walks of life.  Eye-opening essays, poetry, humor, reflection, and insight fill these pages for a full year of inspiration: from poet to politician, tribal chair to operations manager, mountaineer to mother, and more. Experience a unique point of view every week as authors give voice to pivotal moments that allowed them to see life in a new way.   "Wide Awake. Every Week” provides a spark that will unleash "Aha!” moments for readers.